Hydrosense Direct Kit

Hydrosense Direct Kit is the simplest version of the test.

  • ​A sample is taken from any water outlet.
  • Use the pipette in the foil with the test strip and apply water from the sample to the area indicated on the test strip.
  • Leave the sample for 25 minutes before reading off results.
  • When reading the results the strength of the colouration on the test field gives an indication on amount of bacteria when using the app.

This kit is the simplest method to use, but has a sensitivity of 100.000 CFU/litre. CFU is short for Colony Forming Units and is a measure of how many bacteria that exist within a certain area, in this case per litre. Research indicates that there needs to be well over 100.000 CFU/litre before anyone contracts pneumonia based Legionnaire’s Disease, though Pontiac Fever could still be a problem.