Hydrosense Single Kit​

Hydrosense Single Kit is the most sensitive way to perform the test, men requires a simple, 10-minute, step for filtration and concentration.

  • ​A sample is taken from any water outlet into the 250ml container in the kit.
  • Use the large syringe in the kit to take water from the container and force it through the filter tube in the kit. Note the water dripping out.
  • When all 250ml have gone through the filter use the smaller syringe in the kit and take the water from the other end of the filter tube.
  • The water in the syringe is applied to the sample area on the test strip.
  • Leave the sample for 25 minutes before reading off results.
  • When reading the results the strength of the colouration on the test field gives an indication on amount of bacteria when using the app.

This kit requires an extra step and takes 10 minutes longer to complete over the Direct Kit, but has a sensitivity of 100 CFU/litre. CFU is short for Colony Forming Units and is a measure of how many bacteria that exist within a certain area, in this case per litre. At 100 CFU/litre there is no immediate danger of infection, but the water system should still be disinfected. If, after disinfection, there is still a weak positive result with Hydrosense Single Kit, based on using the app to determine strength, it may not be necessary to disinfect the system again, but in this case routine testing of legionella needs to be performed more often to ensure that the amount of legionella does not increase.